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Rise & Shine: (Mostly) test score edition, 6/24

  • Huge gains in state reading and math test scores. (Times, Daily News, Post)
  • Statewide, charters beat district schools. (Sun)
  • Teacher bonuses correlate with mixed test score results. (Post)
  • Student payments seem to make a bigger difference. (Post)
  • How one “F” school made big improvements. (Post)
  • Are time-consuming practice tests responsible for the gains? (Daily News)
  • New York City teens are about twice as likely to experience sexual abuse than the average teen. (Post)
  • Kids’ nutrition takes a hit once schools close for the summer. (Times)
  • The state of Michigan is giving some families rent help so kids don’t have to switch schools. (Times)
  • Budget cuts are hitting schools nationwide. (Christian Science Monitor)

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