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Rise & Shine: Monday, 6/23

  • Last year’s math and reading test scores come out today; the mayor’s impressed, but he’s alone. (Sun)
  • A perennial problem: how to get immigrant parents involved? (Times)
  • From coast to coast, 8th grade proms are out of control. (Times, LA Times)
  • Prom is a different beast at a high school for new immigrants. (Times)
  • The Khalil Gibran International Academy is still in lots of trouble. (City Room)
  • Double Dutch may become a public school sport. (Daily News)
  • A non-punitive programs appears to be good at lifting attendance rates. (Daily News)
  • Professional musicians teach schoolkids in Brooklyn. (Times)
  • The DOE keeps putting an assailant in the same class as his victim. (Post)
  • Funding is thin for summer youth employment programs. (Post)
  • Hillary Clinton spoke at a high school graduation this weekend in the Bronx. (Post)
  • The DOE’s cell phone motivation program won an international advertising award. (Daily News)
  • By closing Walton High this year, the DOE is leaving dozens of students with nowhere to go. (Daily News)
  • NYC kids have too few playgrounds, a state senator says. (Sun)

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