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Recession means no copy paper for (at least) one school

Schools are feeling the effects of city belt-tightening, reports Peace in the Classroom, a first grade teacher:

I spent about 30 minutes today chopping 3 inches off about 500 copies of reading logs, writing paper choices, homework assignments, etc. You see, we are having another copy crisis at my school. I was told that this crisis is city-wide. Apparently (according to my AP), the chancellor has put a freeze on all new purchases, including copy paper. We have been without white paper for almost a week right now. … When my office friends ask me what my job is like, I tell them, imagine being the CEO of a small company where you are expected to oversee employees, communicate with associates, and make a profit without email, copies, a phone, or any office supplies.

Teachers from another school have also told me about the supply freeze resulting in a shortage of copy paper.

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