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A preview of the desperate practices that are about to commence

Anxious parents posting on UrbanBaby are asking for your thoughts on Trinity, Brearley, Chapin, Riverdale, and Manhattan’s PS 87. Private school admissions season must be upon us!

The best depiction of what this means for families that I’ve seen is a year-old documentary called “Getting In…Kindergarten,” available for the first time on YouTube. The film tracks three Manhattan families all the way through the process of applying to private and elite public kindergartens, from picking schools to receiving yes and (lots of) no letters. Director Pamela French is herself a New York City public school parent.

I wrote about the film in the Sun last year when it premiered on TLC. (Philissa also wrote about it at Insideschools.) Now, it brings up a new question: How will the competitiveness depicted in the film weather the recession? So far, private schools say they’re doing just fine. More thoughts from UrbanBaby here.

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