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Media watchdog chastises press for calling "reformers" reformers

The media watchdog's logo.
The media watchdog's logo.

The media-watchdog group FAIR, a left-wing enterprise that refers to most major newspapers and magazines as the “corporate media,” says that mainstream publications deserve a “failing grade” for coverage of the fight to become Obama’s education secretary. FAIR says the press failed by characterizing just one side of the debate — those who disagree with teachers unions — as being reform-minded.

It holds up a single exception in Sam Dillon of the New York Times, who on Sunday wrote:

Editorials and opinion articles in the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times have described the debate as pitting education reformers against those representing the educational establishment or the status quo. But who the reformers are depends on who is talking.

Hey, we’ve read that idea somewhere else. Where was it … ?

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