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Data entry deja vu for teachers at one school

Via Edwize, second grade reading teacher Miss Brave explains why she has to record her students’ assessment data all over again:

This morning we had a meeting at which we were told we would have to re-enter each student’s individual results onto a class summary sheet. Had we, in fact, already done this? Yes! But when we asked what happened to the last summary sheet, we were dismissed with a curt, “I don’t know.”

Um… So, okay, let’s review. As part of my job, I did the following:

  • Administered the assessment to each individual student.
  • Graded the assessment of each individual student.
  • Entered the assessment of each individual student onto a class composite summary sheet.
  • Handed off the data to people who are supposed to be in charge of entering it into the computer.

And those people, as part of their jobs, did the following:

  • Lost my data.

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