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Teacher: “Corrective action” label unfairly stigmatizes our school

New York City elementary school teacher Peace in the Classroom is dismayed that her school has been designated as under “corrective action” according to the No Child Left Behind law:

Just because we are a community school and we take EVERYONE who walks in the door, including children from a transitional shelter that is in our catchment area, we suffer the consequences of having low-performing students. It is not a reflection on the actual teaching or achievement of our home grown students, the ones we keep from Pre-K through 5th grade. What do they want schools to do? Shut their doors? Only let in a select few? I am proud of the fact that we educate everyone equally. I am proud to have over 80% ELLs in my class. The media always puts down these underperforming schools and it’s so sad that my school has been categorized this way.

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