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Trying to influence Obama, via his own web site

A New York City teacher is using Barack Obama’s campaign web site to add her two-cents to the whirling Education Secretary speculation. The site was set up so that any person could create his or her own blog, and the Obama campaign encouraged people to do that and “share your story.”

“Please don’t choose Joel Klein for Sec’y of Education,” is the headline of the latest post on this teacher’s blog. An art teacher who uses the alias “Woodlass,” she has no fondness for the changes that have happened in the city schools under Mayor Bloomberg.

Her post, after the jump, refers to Bloomberg and Klein’s work as a “malicious agenda”:

Klein’s original restructuring of the school system was a very expensive shake-up, and the two subsequent attempts no more than do-overs. He hasn’t made schools in this city any better than they had been, because it’s obvious students aren’t doing so well and neither are the teachers. He excluded parents and the rank-and-file from the decision-making process, poured millions into machines to crunch data for no practical purpose, and he neither respects or defends truth. He has also hired an expensive PR machine to sell his malicious agenda to a disengaged public, and maybe even to you.