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AFT: Still more lessons to be drawn from election

Schools have taken a variety of approaches to teaching about the election this year, from mock elections to songs about the campaign to get out the vote efforts. Now that we’ve chosen our next president, will current events vanish from the classroom?

The American Federation of Teachers thinks this year’s election remains a “teachable moment,” and has posted materials on their website to help teachers continue to incorporate it into the curriculum.

Some of the lesson plans, like one that has students discuss the role of technology in the campaigns, seem a little light on content, but others, like one featuring the 15th and 19th Amendments, would fit easily into a unit on the Constitution or civil rights history. And other resources they provide, including a biography of Barack Obama and links to materials for teaching about the Iraq war, the financial crisis, and health insurance, could provide a jumping off point for teachers to design their own lessons based on current events.

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