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New York’s teachers react to the election

It was an emotional day that began with jitters and excitement and ended with cheering that you could hear across the city. It’s a quiet day on the teacher blogs, but here are some moments from yesterday.

Mildly Melancholy stayed neutral as her students tried to figure out how she voted.

Wockerjabby chronicled her day on video, and Ms. M snapped a shot of as she cast her vote.

NYC Educator borrowed from Bobby Darin’s tune “Splish Splash” to write his own celebratory song.

United Federation of Teachers (UFT) president Randi Weingarten lauded Obama for showing “both deep understanding of, and real interest in, the need to ensure every child receives a world-class education.”

And here’s Jose Vilson, on why he voted for Obama:

I did it because, as I looked at and around the classroom, I was almost in (very quiet) tears knowing that these students would never be here if people didn’t literally fight to get into these establishments. Those fights help shift the national ideology, and made peace and progress in this country possible. From the schoolhouse to the White House, and we have the perfect man to bridge that gap.

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