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Bloomberg to Tweed: Cut 475 positions, for a 6.5% cost reduction

Philissa is at City Hall covering the mayor’s budget announcement, and we already have some early details on exactly what Bloomberg is suggesting the Education Department should cut. His proposal suggests slashing mainly from central administration, which would have to cut 475 jobs, in order to preserve classrooms from taking too much of a hit. City Hall calculates individual schools would still see a 1.3% reduction, but that’s less than the 2.5% cut being asked of all city agencies.

The excerpt from City Hall’s press release:

• Reducing city funds to the Department of Education’s by $181 million this year and $385 million next year, focusing largely on administrative costs and minimizing impact on schools. This will include elimination of 475 positions producing a 6.55 percent reduction in centrally managed funds. These actions will allow schools-based-budgets to only be reduced by 1.3 percent through non-personnel reductions.