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Harlem child on Obama: “I wish he can be the president forever”

Our first peek inside the classroom, Election Week edition, is from the Harlem Success Academy charter school network, the schools run by living-legend Eva Moskowitz. This week Harlem Success teachers organized mock elections for the students, complete with mock election booths. (See right.)

And today, students reacted to Barack Obama’s victory with great enthusiasm for the president-elect, according to Jenny Sedlis, a top aide to Moskowitz. Sedlis sent me some quotes she collected from students. A quick guide: At Harlem Success, “Class of” refers to the students’ projected college graduation class. So a second-grader is Class of 2023. College-for-all in action!

Here are the quotes:

Guyonna T. (Class of 2023/2nd grade): I think he’s a strong man who can handle the world. I’m so happy I don’t know what to do. Sekou C. (Class of 2022/3rd grade): His dad is from Kenya and mine is from Mali. He made history two times. He was the first African American to win the first round and now he’s won the whole thing. When asked what does that mean for you he said, I guess that means that I can be president too. Jenni F. (Class of 2024/1st Grade): I wish he can be the president forever. Silma B. (Class of 2025/K): He is going to take care of America. Kelvin J. (Class of 2022/3rd Grade): He did everything right in his election and he didn’t give up and he believed in himself. Brandon C. (Class of 2022/3rd Grade): He gives great speeches. He will change laws to keep our communities safe. And, he’s the first Black-American president. That hasn’t happened before. Kayla W. (Class of 2022/3rd Grade): This country needs a change. Not all of our rights are very good. There are things people do bad. Obama won’t let people pollute our air or litter.