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Rise & Shine: Monday, 11/3


  • Mayor Bloomberg will fight hard for mayoral control after his term limits grab. (Daily News)
  • State Education Department Commissioner Richard Mills is stepping down. (Times, Daily News)
  • Mills’ departure could means the state education department will be reorganized. (Newsday)
  • “Temporary” trailers stick around at overcrowded schools for years. (Daily News)
  • The Wall Street crisis has slowed down plans to sell off bonds to repair old schools. (Daily News)
  • Education advocates fear the budget crisis will lead to increased class size. (Crain’s)
  • The DOE could open Community District Education Council elections to all parents. (Post)
  • At Validus Prep in the Bronx, kids are paying close attention to the election. (MSNBC)
  • Skateboarding is just one of city schools’ offbeat gym electives. (Times)
  • A fired teacher says he should have gotten a second chance. (Daily News)


  • Many districts are trying incentives programs, but the results aren’t yet in. (Washington Post)
  • Kids from troubled families find a home at the residential Milton Hershey School. (Washington Post)
  • Online, real-time grading systems addict parents and cut down on cheating. (Washington Post)
  • Nationally, the number of homeless students seems to be increasing. (Education Week)