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Teach For America suggests it’s Darling-Hammond vs. Klein

In case you were not fully convinced, it appears that, yes, Teach For America is flexing its muscle to influence Barack Obama’s Secretary of Education pick. The organization is concerned about the possibility that Stanford professor Linda Darling-Hammond, who has criticized TFA and is chairing Obama’s education policy committee, could get a prominent role in the Obama administration.

In a mass e-mail today, Teach For America urged alumni to “stay on top of about [sic] what is happening and not happening regarding education reform at the national and local levels.” The e-mail (pasted below) also directed them to the Web site of TFA’s new political group, Leadership for Education Equity, where alumni are invited to post comments on several Web sites (including this one), saying, “Decision makers do watch online reactions.” We hope so!

Here’s the e-mail, after the jump:

Dear [Redacted],

Happy Thanksgiving! As you’re all relaxing and celebrating with
friends and family this long weekend, you’ll undoubtedly discuss the
local and national politics of the day. Toward that end, I want to
encourage all of you to check out LEE (, our
501c4 sister organization (Leadership for Education Equity) that
supports Teach For America alumni interested in political engagement
and elected office.

As alumni and education reformers generally (regardless of our sector
or political affiliation), we must stay on top of about what is
happening and not happening regarding education reform at the national
and local levels; I truly believe LEE is synthesizing this information
better than any other source out there. I especially want to
encourage all of you to read the article entitled: Wendy Kopp touted
for Obama Cabinet and to share with your fellow alumni your
perspectives on how President Elect Obama should staff and structure
his education team.

If you haven’t been on the site in a while (or yet), you can sign up
easily and/or use the “Forgot Password” function to change your
password or be reminded of your username.

Following on the November 15 New York City alumni summit, the Teach
For America New York City Alumni Affairs team will be following up
with many of you who indicated interest in getting involved in the
community organizing, local political engagement, and advocacy side of

Before your December calendar fills up completely, I wanted to make
this particular opportunity — a citywide forum where you can voice
your perspective on mayoral control of the New York City public
schools — available to all of you: .
Going forward, we’ll be posting many such opportunities on LEE, as

Have a wonderful holiday.

My best,

Jessica Cordova Kramer
Vice President, Alumni Affairs & District Strategy
Teach For America · New York City
519 8th Ave. – 15th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel. (212) 279-2666 x430
Fax (212)

One day, all children in this nation will have the opportunity to
attain an excellent education.

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This email was sent by: Teach For America
315 West 36th Street , New York , NY, 10018

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