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Hamptons.com snags an exclusive interview with Joel Klein

Leonie Haimson, the executive director of Class Size Matters, must have the “Joel Klein” Google alert routed permanently to her brain. Here’s a gem of an interview she found at Hamptons.com, in which Klein discloses that he’s about to purchase a new Sag Harbor home ($2 million) and that, with regards to the will-he-go-to-Washington question, he is “not big on commuting.”

A notable thing is that Hamptons.com put the story up at 1:55pm, and Haimson posted it on her e-mail list at 2:13pm, for which swiftness I considered giving her a gold medal and the nickname Leonie “Bolt” Haimson.

Alas, when I called to ask how she was able to find the article so fast, she told me it was really not a big deal. She had just been doing her usual, punching Joel Klein’s name into Google News, searching for articles on his trip to Australia, when up Hamptons.com popped. Just another average day in the average life of everybody’s favorite workaholic education organizer…