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Oprah for Ed Secretary?

The latest name to surface as a possibility for the Secretary of Education post in the Obama administration is Oprah Winfrey, over on the Fordham Institute’s Flypaper blog.

Elsewhere, Joe Rothstein, editor at U.S. Politics Today, suggested her, along with Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, for Obama’s “team of type-A’s”:

Why not? It will take star quality to make the changes that must be made in our educational system. Through her Oprah Winfrey Foundation, Oprah’s awarded hundreds of grants to organizations that support education and has donated millions of dollars toward providing a better education for students who have merit but no means. She’s also worked to develop schools to educate thousands of underserved children internationally.

But a year ago, Oprah told Diane Sawyer she’s not looking for a government job. “I don’t think there’s position in government that really anybody could offer to me that would be more interesting or compelling than what I’m doing already,” she said. EdWeek’s Campaign K-12 linked to the interview.