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Currently on Chancellor Klein’s nightstand: “Results Now”

It looks like Schools Chancellor Joel Klein isn’t satisfied with the pace of progress in the city’s schools — he’s been reading a book called “Results Now: How We Can Achieve Unprecedented Improvement in Teaching and Learning.”

Chancellor Joel Klein mentioned the book by Arizona educator Michael Schmoker at least twice during public appearances this week. I heard him refer to it in a speech at a conference for alumni of Teach For America, the program that places recent college graduates in high-needs schools. Then on Monday, he mentioned it again during a presentation to reporters about ARIS that Elizabeth attended.

What might be on the chancellor’s mind, based on the description provided to Amazon.com by the book’s publisher? “Consistent curriculum, authentic literacy education, and professional learning communities for teachers.” Amazon’s reader reviews range from wildly approving to ultra-critical; one reviewer says the book is “distasteful and offensive to the majority of teachers across America who are ‘doing it right.'”

When she was at the Sun, Elizabeth reported on other books the chancellor has found inspiring.