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Speak Out About Mayoral Control

Are all students getting a high quality, well rounded education that includes science, social studies, math, language arts, arts, physical education? Why aren’t more students graduating with Regents diplomas? Why is it so hard for parents to get problems resolved? Have our schools improved after six years of mayoral control? If you have these questions and more, come to the Speak Out About Mayoral Control of Schools. Mayoral Control expires in June 2009, and lawmakers in Albany will have to decide to re-new it, let it expire, or re-authorize it with some reforms and changes. Campaign for Better Schools is calling for checks and balances, transparency and public participation. But before we make our recommendations to the legislature, we want to hear from other parents, youth and community members about how you think things are going. Come and testify either during the speak out or be a part of our video testimonials! Let your voice be heard!