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Bronx foodies update: On lunch beat, Kevasha is the new Franklin

Sad Franklin graduated? CIS 339 Principal Jason Levy just wrote to let me know about this year’s cafeteria critic, Kevasha. From one of her recent posts:

I have A LOT to say about the lunchroom 1. The only thing that is actually sort of good are the chicken, plantains, rice, mozzarella sticks. 2. Let’s not talk about the dry sandwiches and the nasty pizzas and that nasty dirty brown meat that they think is a Salisbury steak. Also, they are supposed to give us nutrition stuff but they think greasy chicken and plantains are healthy. 3. The only thing that I can consider healthy is their fruit.

There’s more, including an educational comment from Dean of Instruction David Prinstein.

Also, quick correction: Franklin is 14 and wrote his blog when he was 13, so he is not technically a pre-teen.