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Rise & Shine: Monday, 11/17


  • An analysis of the DOE’s progress reports finds they mask important information. (Times)
  • Mayor Bloomberg is busily promoting mayoral control, but its appeal is not assured. (Gotham Gazette)
  • A coalition of community groups lines up to oppose mayoral control. (Daily News)
  • Catholic school enrollment is down, and church officials say charter schools are to blame. (Post)
  • A developer offered to build a new school downtown, but the DOE said no. (Downtown Express)
  • The DOE might use space in its headquarters to hold new schools next fall. (Downtown Express)
  • Some schools are serving breakfast in classrooms, instead of cafeterias. (Times)
  • High schools get performance bonuses. (Daily News, Times, Post, GothamSchools)
  • A new film takes a look at the city’s cutthroat world of preschool admissions. (Times)


  • D.C. school officials could sidestep the union by declaring a state of emergency. (Washington Post)
  • Growth models for accountability aren’t universally beloved, Jay Mathews writes. (Washington Post)
  • Florida has strengthened physical education requirements. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Rochester adopted New York City’s school discipline code — word for word. (Democrat and Chronicle)
  • More and more schools are cultivating vegetable gardens. (Chicago Tribune)
  • When a Washington, D.C., school botched delivering incentives, chaos ensued. (Washington Post)
  • D.C. schools can’t wait to know which one the Obamas will pick. (Times)