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Rise & Shine: Thursday, 11/13


  • High schools earned higher grades on this year’s DOE progress reports. (Times, Post, Daily News)
  • The governor’s $585 million in school budget cuts are cutting deep in New York City. (Times)
  • The City Council questioned DOE officials about attendance rates. (Insideschools)
  • The DOE is planning to cut school bus routes in September. (Post)
  • Parents in one Bronx neighborhood aren’t happy with the new capital plan. (Riverdale Press)


  • Many education policy wonks like the Gates Foundation’s new direction. (Education Week)
  • The Times takes a look at Michelle Rhee’s plan to fire more teachers.
  • A columnist says that backlash against Michelle Rhee is growing. (Washington Post)
  • The Obamas have discussed public school options, as D.C. officials are urging them to. (Post, AP)
  • Nicholas Kristof urges Obama not to put education on the back burner. (Times)
  • One D.C. school says its arts curriculum helps kids in all subjects. (Washington Post)
  • Chicago high school students recommended ways to cut the dropout rate. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • German students took to the streets to call for smaller classes and less exam pressure. (BBC)
  • School officials in England are turning their reform efforts toward average schools. (BBC)