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Rise & Shine: Monday, 11/10


  • The governor says schools will not escape mid-year budget cuts. (Times)
  • Despite the budget crisis, the DOE still plans to give bonuses to schools that do well on state tests. (Post)
  • Half of the new high schools that opened this year are under capacity. (Post)
  • High tuition is driving some families away from private schools. (Post)
  • School psychologists spend too little time seeing kids, the public advocate says. (Post)
  • White and Asian students outperform other students on the specialized high school test. (Times)
  • The city did not sufficiently check for safety at a new school site in the Bronx, a judge ruled. (Times)
  • The comptroller and chancellor are sparring over budget cut numbers. (Daily News)


  • Chancellor Klein’s connections help make him a front-runner for Secretary of Education. (Times)
  • Time Magazine takes a look at Klein and other Ed Sec contenders.
  • Diane Ravitch argues that Obama should start by revising the No Child Left Behind act. (Forbes)
  • The BBC News compares Obama’s education plans with recent school reforms in England.
  • Jay Mathews takes a look at a public school the Obamas might choose. (Washington Post)
  • Some say a violent middle school hasn’t gotten the help Michelle Rhee promised. (Washington Post)
  • With advice from New York, Denver plans its first shared-space schools. (Denver Post)
  • New Hampshire plans to start letting kids graduate after 10th grade. (Time)