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Philadelphia’s superintendent makes parents her priority

Parents who say they don’t get enough input into what happens in the New York City schools might like Philadelphia’s new superintendent.

As part of her research for a new strategic plan she is drafting for the Philadelphia schools, Superintendent Arlene Ackerman is convening a series of community meetings to get ideas and answer questions (and anyone can help set up a meeting).

She held her first monthly roundtable with about 200 parents last week, who asked about everything from field trips to improving communication with non-English speaking parents.

She’s also meeting with parents in their homes, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

But some parents want to see even more of her:

Judith Jackson, whose grandchildren attend Wakisha Charter, wants more access to the superintendent – did she ever think about one-on-one, open-door sessions? I’ve been thinking about that, said Ackerman, who noted it as a good idea. I wonder: Do I give everyone five minutes? Do I do it on a Saturday? I’ve got to think about it.

Via Philadelphia teacher-blogger Christopher Paslay.