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Rise & Shine: Thursday, 10/9

  • A letter from the NY Civil Liberties Union to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says that more than 300 students were illegally arrested in city schools between 2005 and 2007. (Daily News, Times)
  • Budget cuts to school transportation programs may cause resegregation and force some children to stay at failing local schools despite NCLB’s transfer option. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Minority college enrollment has increased, but not enough for this generation’s educational attainment to exceed the previous generation’s. (AP)
  • Yesterday, 1300 teachers across the country received boxes of school supplies worth $1,000 thanks to Adopt-A-Classroom and OfficeMax. (Washington Post)
  • One of 20 new schools planned for Chicago is the gay-friendly Pride School. (Chicago Sun-Times)