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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 10/8

  • More than 100 city middle schools are using “Dimension M,” an algebra-focused computer game, in their math classes, the first result of a new partnership between educators and gamemakers. (Times)
  • Parents are keeping up the pressure for a middle school on Morton Street, but the DOE says there is no longer a plan for one. (Daily News)
  • Juan Gonzalez asks why the DOE’s accountability and legal divisions continue to grow, despite a department-wide hiring freeze. (Daily News)
  • More than 6,000 seats are still available in the city’s pre-K classrooms; if they aren’t filled by Oct. 31, the city loses funding for them. (WNYC, AP)
  • Brooklyn schools are worried about impending budget cuts. (
  • Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan turned down an award for his anti-violence efforts as gun deaths of Chicago students continue. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Two new programs for kids with special needs will help the D.C. public schools meet its legal mandate to provide special education services. (Washington Post)
  • A study of Colorado high schools suggests that arts education might help students do better in other subjects. (Denver Post)