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Domestic affairs debate could feature ed policy talk, or not

Even without Ed in ’08‘s urging, education is likely to pop up during tonight’s town hall-style presidential debate, which focuses on domestic policy issues. For a primer on the candidates’ education views, read GothamSchools’ coverage of Barack Obama’s platform and John McCain’s platform.

Dana Goldstein at the American Prospect says she wishes the candidates would address the growing segregation in our country’s schools, which Sen. Ted Kennedy argues in a new article has received far too little attention from the justice department under the Bush administration. I’d like to hear more about which elements of their education plans they realistically think can be implemented in lean financial times. If the worsening economy crowds out these topics tonight, they’ll likely be on the agenda of the education-only debate between the candidates’ leading education advisers, taking place Oct. 21 at Teachers College. That debate will be streamed live online.