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Rise & Shine: Monday, 10/6

  • Now that Mayor Bloomberg is pushing for a third term, it will be difficult for lawmakers not to think about him as they debate the future of mayoral control of the city’s schools. (Times)
  • Chancellor Klein will visit Australia next month, where education leaders are trying to replicate New York’s reforms. (The West Australian)
  • Merit pay for individual teachers could undermine all-important teamwork in schools, Jay Mathews argues. (Washington Post)
  • Construction at a new school building in Downtown Brooklyn isn’t finished yet, even though three schools have moved in. (Daily News)
  • Hundreds of laptops have already been stolen from city schools this year. (Post)
  • One of the schools where students will receive XO laptops is also providing home internet access for families. (Post)
  • City high schools are urging eligible students to register to vote. (Daily News)
  • Long Island City High School junior Irene Gjoka is one of only half a dozen female students in the city’s history to play PSAL football. (Daily News)
  • A 20-year principal on Staten Island uses yoga to help her students, who all have special needs. (Post)
  • In Hartford, Conn., every student wears a uniform. (Times)
  • Ed in ’08 might be dead, but other groups are still pushing for education to receive campaign attention. (Time)