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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 10/29

  • A third of city students are in overcrowded classes, according to a new report. (Daily News)
  • More testing requires the DOE to spend $5 million a year on courier services. (Daily News)
  • The relaunching Research Alliance for New York City Schools is Gates Foundation-funded. (Post)
  • A charter school just for autistic children is growing. (NY1)
  • A pastor’s deathbed wish helped a Brooklyn high school find a permanent home. (City Room)
  • With days before the enrollment deadline, 5,000 pre-K seats are still unfilled. (Daily News)
  • Schools in Morningside Heights can’t fund their arts programs. (Columbia Spectator)
  • Ten of the state’s small school districts are suing for more funding. (AP)
  • High schools will have to up their graduation rates under new NCLB rules. (AP)
  • Nat Hentoff wonders why the City Council hasn’t considered the Student Safety Act. (Village Voice)
  • A New York State Supreme Court justice takes a look at the button ban ruling. (Gotham Gazette)