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Rise & Shine: Wednesday, 10/22

  • Some parents at schools where the youngest students will be tested are not happy. (Post)
  • Beginning next year, all gifted programs citywide will start in kindergarten. (Insideschools)
  • GothamSchools’ Elizabeth Green profiles a Bronx school where everyone’s online. (Village Voice)
  • The DOE fined a Brooklyn high school librarian for promoting his daughter’s book. (Times)
  • One elementary school blames its mess on DOE rules about trash disposal. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • Teachers in eight states are being now paid for their students’ performance. (USA Today)
  • Speculation about the next education secretary is rampant. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
  • In a report, policy experts say the federal government should help education entrepreneurs. (EdWeek)
  • In Detroit, school and police officials will collaborate more. (Chicago Tribune)