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Rise & Shine: Tuesday, 10/21

  • Chronic absenteeism in elementary schools is a major problem, a new report says. (Times)
  • Bill Hammond calls NYSUT’s endorsements saga “deeply irresponsible.” (Daily News)
  • A playground funded by Nets owner Bruce Ratner opens today in Brooklyn. (Post)
  • States across the country are facing falling education budgets. (Education Week)
  • With corporations downsizing, students have fewer internship opportunities. (Washington Post)
  • Teachers in Rochester can no longer suspend high school students. (Democrat and Chronicle)
  • Clayton Christensen lauds McCain’s embrace of “disruptive innovation” in schools. (Business Week)
  • D.C. officials say school personnel leave special education families in the lurch. (Washington Post)
  • Some parents and educators worry about “time-out rooms” for special ed kids. (USA Today)