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Rise & Shine: Monday, 10/20

  • A federal judge ruled that teachers can’t wear political buttons at school. (GothamSchools, Times)
  • One forgotten man is responsible for 400 NYC school buildings. (Times)
  • The family of a special education student who was handcuffed after a fight is suing the city. (Post)
  • New York is among the cities that require new school buildings to meet “green” standards. (USA Today)
  • Chancellor Klein said he wants NYC to be the “Silicon Valley” of charter schools. (Connecticut Post)
  • Chicago’s mayor comes out in favor of cash incentives for students. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Charter schools are scaling back their plans as the economy declines. (Washington Post)
  • Colin Powell said education is one issue that pushed him to endorse Barack Obama. (Education Week)
  • Chicago wants 5,000 middle school teachers to boost their credentials. (Chicago Tribune)
  • The Atlantic takes an in-depth look at Washington, D.C., chancellor Michelle Rhee.
  • Former Chicago sup’t Paul Vallas says the controversial Annenberg Foundation was a failure. (Post)