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Rise & Shine: Thursday, 10/2

  • The DOE will rate teachers based on their students’ test scores, but an agreement with the UFT prevents the ratings from being used in tenure decisions or evaluations. (Times)
  • A new charter middle school in Brooklyn’s District 15 will focus on the arts. (Brooklyn Paper)
  • The DOE is telling teachers to take off their Obama buttons. (Post)
  • To make sure he retains mayoral control of schools, Mayor Bloomberg is helping state Republicans try to retain a majority in the State Assembly. (Post)
  • Schools in the Washington, D.C., area appear to be closing the achievement gap. (Washington Post)
  • Boston’s new superintendent is planning a major reorganization of the city’s schools. (Boston Globe)
  • An 1,500-person education protest outside the Cubs-Dodgers playoff game attracted little attention. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Chester Finn of the Fordham Institute argues that the city’s progress reports are “so obvious, so sensible and so gutsy.” (Forbes)
  • UCLA management professor William Ouchi praises the “dynamic innovation” in New York’s schools under Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership. (Post)