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ED in '08 resurrected to influence last night's debate

Despite having been written off for dead recently when its funders cut its pursestrings, ED in ’08, the campaign to make education a prominent issue in the election, was clearly alive during last night’s debate.

A campaign sign held up behind NBC commentator Chris Matthews during that network’s pre-debate coverage touted ED in ’08. The organization running the campaign, Strong American Schools, had about 75 employees and volunteers at the debate, according to spokeswoman Shannon Murphy. She said one of them probably held the sign behind Matthews.

Murphy also said ED in ’08 “had an idea” about the debate’s final question:

The U.S. spends more per capita than any other country on education. Yet, by every international measurement, in math and science competence, from kindergarten through the 12th grade, we trail most of the countries of the world. The implications of this are clearly obvious. Some even say it poses a threat to our national security. Do you feel that way and what do you intend to do about it.

For the record, ED in ’08 has said this issue can be solved with more time in school, better teachers, and national standards. Some of those policies appeared in the candidates’ answers.

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