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Does Bloomberg want to eliminate teacher tenure altogether?

UFT President Randi Weingarten has said Chancellor Klein is worse for teachers than Mayor Bloomberg: On his blog today, Norm Scott writes that Weingarten and others at the UFT “have been using Klein as the bad guy.” But in a vitriolic anti-union outburst in New York Magazine’s 40th Anniversary Issue, Bloomberg sounds pretty darn bad for the UFT.

Bloomberg has long made it clear that he wants tenure to be harder for teachers to earn. But in a conversation with former mayor Ed Koch, he suggests he’s against the very concept of tenure for teachers:

I’ll give you an example of the worst thing I think has happened, the most disgraceful thing in the last six and a half years. In April, in the middle of the night, with no notice, no hearings, no publicity, the Republican Senate and the Democratic Assembly passed a law, which the governor signed, which prevents us from using teacher performance in granting tenure. Now, tenure for public-school teachers is about as stupid a concept—these people are not advancing man’s body of knowledge, they have civil-service protection anyways, they don’t need to be able to say stupid things or write stupid things like some college professor does.

Does Bloomberg really think teachers shouldn’t have any form of tenure at all? I’m going to try to find out. (Hat tip to Dana Goldstein at TAPPED)

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