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UFT's position on term limits on the way

Members of the United Federation of Teachers’ executive board are being briefed on the union’s tentative position on term limits at the UFT’s headquarters at 52 Broadway as we type. Whatever they decide, it will be a bombshell, since Randi Weingarten and the union could hold substantial sway over the undecided City Council members who will determine whether Mayor Bloomberg gets an open door to the mayoralty or not. (There are 17 undecideds, at NY1’s last count.)

A committee of the executive board has been drafting several options — including, according to two sources familiar with internal discussions and proposal drafts, one that would call for a voter referendum on term limits. But the final draft is being released right now to those at the executive board. Then, delegates at a Delegate Assembly meeting tomorrow will vote on whether to accept the proposal. The delegates are teachers and other UFT members.