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Rise & Shine: Friday, 10/10

  • For the first time, the DOE is asking Community Education Councils, which have budgets of only $20,000 to foot the bill for increases to the benefits of their administrative assistants. (Post)
  • With the economy in decline, more families might pick already overcrowded public schools. (Daily News)
  • Because of overcrowding, some children in Riverdale now must attend schools that are not their zoned school. (Riverdale Press)
  • At a public hearing in Queens, parents railed against mayoral control. (Queens Chronicle)
  • Giving rewards to students who pass state tests could violate federal privacy rules, the Texas education commissioner has advised his superintendents. (Dallas News)
  • Girls living in cities start sports later and continue less often than boys and suburban girls. (AP)
  • Girls in the United States who are exceptional at math are rarely nurtured, a new study finds. (Times)
  • One year after starting its charter school experiment, Georgia has lifted its cap on the number of charters. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
  • New Orleans’ school board is now majority white and stacked with supporters of the state’s post-Katrina takeover of the city’s schools. (Times-Picayune)
  • Reports arguing that schools should teach “21st-century skills” never explain how to do it, Jay Mathews complains. (Washington Post)