One rule bars students from using their official accounts to send emails outside the school system.
The New York Civil Liberties Union said the policy is unconstitutional, but education department officials defended it.
An English teacher and a school librarian in NYC launched an effort that is helping teens increase their reading stamina.
Just 1,500 students were screened for risk of dyslexia last school year.
State officials have not yet released broader data showing how students across the city or state fared on last year’s exams.
NYC schools no longer will report COVID cases, but students and staff still need to isolate for five days.
Miss Anne Marie, a teacher with NYC’s Hospital Schools, taught elementary school from the pediatric cancer ward.
Students returned to the city’s nearly 1,600 schools on a sweltering Thursday as a possible bus strike loomed.
It will be a pivotal school year for schools Chancellor David Banks, as his signature initiative to overhaul literacy instruction starts rolling out.
Despite a modest improvement, chronic absenteeism rates are still significantly higher than before the pandemic.
City officials say the teaching workforce is still in a strong position for now, and that both hiring and attrition are trending in better directions than last year.
Education department officials say they have a rigorous training plan and that all teachers using new reading curriculums will receive introductory training by the first day of school.
A bus worker strike would impact roughly 80,000 students across 4,400 routes, according to the city’s education department.
A NYC student explores the quality of school food on this episode of the Miseducation podcast from the Bell, a New York City high school audio journalism program.
We’ve failed to show many educators of color that teaching and education leadership are viable career paths.
More than 100,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City since last summer, with an estimated 20,000 children enrolling in the city’s public schools.

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I wasn’t prepared for the anti-Asian racism I experienced this summer.
A strike could impact roughly 80,000 students across 4,400 bus routes in the five boroughs, according to city officials.
The city is grappling with an increase in asylum seekers in its K-12 public schools as well.
Bronx teacher Janina Jarnich, a 26-year veteran of the city’s public schools, explains what it’s like to use EL Education.
Advocacy group says $1.25 billion in new spending would address major gaps that have left many families frustrated.
The city’s popular summer program continues to garner praise, though some parents at multiple school sites told Chalkbeat they decided to withdraw their kids this year.
Only about 2% of NYC parents voted in the recent community education council elections. Turmoil in the office administering the elections may have hurt turnout, some say.
“You’re gonna have to take it from Peter to give it to Paul,” Rosa said of New York’s class size law.
Under the class size law, new resources could be funneled to some of the city’s better-off schools.
Asylum-seekers volunteer at the center to help other migrants. The grassroots group is looking to expand its volunteer base to students.
Deepak Marwah, an alum and former teacher at LaGuardia,, is set to take the helm at the Upper West Side institution later this month, the school announced Friday.
Banks said a strike could affect anywhere between 85,000 and 150,000 students. He’s “hopeful that we can avoid it.”
A parent council passed a resolution calling for seventh grade state test scores to be used once again in admissions among other changes, despite some public protest.
High school superintendents are urging schools in their districts to adopt a standardized English language arts curriculum.
Inspired by NYC’s Summer Youth Employment Program, Oyate’s summer internship focuses on helping undocumented students.
Bronx student Zainab Kuta explores school cell phone policies for the Miseducation podcast from The Bell, which trains NYC high school students in audio journalism.
More than 90% of school buses have air conditioning this summer, according to city officials. But advocates warn the heat can be severe inside buses that don’t.
NYC social workers say they are dealing with more extreme cases of school refusal, fueled in part by an alarming rise in suicidal ideation.
I’m a preK teacher. Here’s why I think the move to a private equity-owned curriculum is a problem.
Union president Michael Mulgrew is pressing occupational and physical therapists to vote again on a deal they rejected.
NYC families can quickly locate the nearest free summer meal sites for their children, thanks to a text service from No Kid Hungry.
Esta decisión reciente alienta a los estudiantes a no incluir partes esenciales de quienes son.
By 2026, all NYC students in grades 3-8 will take their state exams via computer. Here’s what that means and how some teachers feel about it.
Beginning last fall, city officials began allowing families to select the “X” designation on official school records in lieu of “female” or “male.”
Educators at the Harbor School are working hard to turn summer school into something students can feel proud of and look forward to.
The latest round of benefits is intended to help families cover summer meal costs.
The judge outlined 40 specific actions for the Department of Education to take, including assigning additional staffers to overdue cases.
Schools will need to determine which students receive additional academic support without the standardized test scores, under a newly amended state regulation.
The program at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering aims to equal the opportunities for rising juniors and seniors, regardless of financial background.