ATTN: Community Members, Principals, School Leaders, PA/PTA Leaders, CEC Members, Presidents Council, Title 1, parents, elected officials, business owners, non–profit professionals, executives and faith-based leaders

New York City Mission Society and the New York Charter Parents Association are convening a Community Conversation in Education forum in the Bronx at the Bronx Museum of the Arts on Wednesday, November 18th.

We will touch on:

Results of recent citywide tests where Bronx was ranked fifth out of the boroughs

Why is the Bronx ranked the lowest county in student achievement in New York State?

Potential impact of the proposed budget cuts in education funding

Charter Schools

Results of recent Mayoral elections. What happens now?

Community support of student achievement

For more information call Karen Reed at (917) 748-5889 or Mona Davids at (917) 340-8987.